Heavy Metal Thunder - The Movie DVD

Heavy Metal Thunder - The Movie DVD

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  • FORMAT: WVI DVD Video (Music)
  • RELEASE DATE: 11/05/2015

The silver eagle has finally landed for audiences worldwide! Heavy Metal Thunder – The Movie (Dec 10th 2012), is Saxon’s wonderfully unfiltered and intimate account of their ascent to the upper echelons of heavy metal. Rivetingly honest, and including the frank memories of every musician who has played in the band, Heavy Metal Thunder – The Movie pieces together the earliest incarnations of Saxon, from frontman Biff Byford’s teenage years in the coalmines of Yorkshire and Son Of A Bitch (the first incarnation of Saxon) all the way through to top 10 hits and world tours.

It is a documentary which looks for all the world as though it’s a superbly crafted script, as much a tale of pure, honest, working class triumph as just another rock’n’roll story. Heavy Metal Thunder – The Movie shows every facet of Saxon on their journey without once diluting the true characters who make up the band: five wonderfully naïve young men sought nothing more than a great gig, a good time and maybe a nice girl, before suddenly finding themselves on tour in the US, exposed to the sorts of things which (quite frankly) Barnsley simply didn’t offer in 1980. And from that point, Heavy Metal Thunder – The Movie, takes the viewer on a journey – on a rock’n’roller of a journey encompassing it all from triumphs to tears to tea-bags and beyond.

Nothing is forsaken and nothing skipped. Despite the fact that to this day there remain problems between the Byford/Quinn and Oliver/Dawson parties, everyone tells the full-unedited Saxon story with heartfelt honesty and integrity. Heavy Metal Thunder – The Movie will entertain, engage and charm fans and non-fans alike. That’s a truth as honest as the film itself.


Disc 1:

Heavy Metal Thunder – The Movie
(The dramatic story of Saxon)

Disc 2:

  1. Saxon in Concert, 1981
    (A classic concert from the archives of The Beat Club)
  2. St. George’s Day 2008
    (London 2008)
  3. Building the Labyrinth
    (Mini-doc featuring Biff, Paul and Doug in the studio recording ‘Into the Labyrinth’’)
  4. The Eagle & The Bomber
    (Mini-doc featuring behind the scenes footage shot on tour with Motörhead in 2009)
  5. On a Crusade
    (Archived interviews from the recording of ‘Crusader’)
  6. No Excuses
    (A compilation of archive footage from the ‘Innocence’ recording sessions)