Saxon Test Pressings: ...And The Winner Is 🏆

On the day of the official release of Saxon's The Eagle Has Landed 40 (Live) - 747 Signature Edition, we're excited to send our congratulations to Hazel Davies of Manchester for winning a set of test pressings of all five records from this landmark live box set!

Saxon With Competition Winner

Hazel says “here's a pic of me with the band from when I did VIP a few years ago. You guys are absolutely amazing thank you so much for this. Been a die-hard fan for many years so this means so much to me. Looking forward to catching up with you all in October. Safe travels and hope you guys have an amazing tour”

Congratulations Hazel - TURN IT UP LOUD!!!


  • Nice one Hazel, see you on tour now in 2020, hope you are well Biff!!

    Brett aka Lionheart747
  • Congratulations!😀


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